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Isabel is Ten

Isabel and Lindsay made this sign, "Par-tay this way."

Oh no, the guests are one minute late!

Isabel chose to have Jarritos (hecho en Mexico) and finger foods at her party.

Aunt Natalie made the Happy Birthday banner.  The thimble and spools banner I bought on

The girls helped.

Waiting to get their initials ironed on.


I actually just pretended that I knew what I was doing, thank goodness Lynn Perrello was there to help.  The girls did great and were very creative.

Costco cheesecake for the third year in a row :)

Isabella, Sylvia, Lindsay, Hazel, Rebecca, Isabel, Riesha, Jessica (not pictured.)

Isabel's room.

That day, Lindsay lost a tooth while at the party, later Isabel lost a tooth and after that, Sylvia lost her first tooth!  You better believe Hazel was trying to wiggle her teeth :(  Sometimes the tooth fairy brings pink snowballs from the gas station.

Valentine Party


Sylvia "helping"

I wasn't able to take very many pictures.  Since I was so stressed the whole time about being incharge I forgot to get out the camera.  All of my stress was for nothing.  Even though there were eighteen kids over here on Friday, they were all so well behaved and got along so nicely with eachother.  I had them play one game, exchange Valentines, eat sugar cookies and the rest of the time they played mostly outside.  Now I need to start getting ideas for our March party.

Fairy Party

DSC07212 Isabel will turn six on Sunday so this afternoon she had a Fairy Party with her friends. Once Isabel's three friends arrived, we first had to put fairy dust (glitter make up powder) on our cheeks. Before learning about fairies, I sprayed fairy spray (lavender air freshener) in the room. To teach them that fairies are not only pretty but kind, I read them the story, A Fairy Went a-Marketing by Rose Fyleman. I then read the poem A Fairy in a Jar by Margery Stockseth and they each drew a fairy in a jar. Here is Isabel's.


Since fairies like to play games the girls colored butterflies and played pin the butterfly to the flower. We then ate fairy cakes (pink cupcakes). Fairies love to dance, so each girl got a magic dancing wand and pranced around the backyard to music.