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Park After Dark

Once a year the Tohono Chul Park puts on a Park After Dark.  As you can see, there were so many docents holding live reptiles, birds, insects, mammals and anything else found in the Sonoran Desert. Here is a docent holding a Mountain King Snake.

This little snake eats rattlesnakes.

Our friend, Tommy, came with us.  (the boy, not the tortoise.)

Here is Luke with his idol, "Karl the Bugman."  Karl was holding and playing with a scorpion!  Ack!

This Great Horned Owl is missing an eye :(

Elf Owl!  I want to keep him in my pocket!

Bat Lady.

Poor little docile brain damaged bobcat.  The docent was opened for questions and one kid kept asking, "would it eat us because we are meat?" and "could it kill humans?" and no.

Hazel was there touching all of the animals too but I never got a good non blurry picture of her, so here she is eating some animal crackers from earlier that day.

Taking Apart a Vacuum

Anything old or broken, Luke, Isabel and Sylvia get to take apart.  Vacuums never last more than two years in this house.

Isabel got bored pretty quickly, but Luke was determined and Sylvia was determined to be his helper and apprentice.

They are pointing to where they found FISH HOOKS!  What?  Was I not supposed to vacuum up fish hooks?  Then what good is a vacuum!?

Here they are studying where the "electrical stuff" moves the gear and rotator brush.

Now Hazel thinks that a vacuum is for sticking screwdrivers in.

Quotes from a Future Entomologist

I usually have quotes from Sylvia to share.  Today I have a few from Luke....

  • After he caught a small bee/fly? in his bug jar he said, "It just feels so good to have something in my jar, no matter how common the species."
  • While in the pet store, all of the huge parrots and cockatoos started squawking.  Luke, "It's like a store full of Sylvias!"
  • Staring off into space.  Luke, "I have about a million things going on in my head right now."
  • While exploring under the ocean on Google Earth (by the way, did you know you can go under the ocean on Google Earth?)  Luke said, "I wonder if I am the first person to ever be at this exact spot in the ocean on Google Earth!"  Oh my little virtual explorer.

We've started reading the book, The Witches by Roald Dahl.  A very good book for Halloween!