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Fairy Party

DSC07212 Isabel will turn six on Sunday so this afternoon she had a Fairy Party with her friends. Once Isabel's three friends arrived, we first had to put fairy dust (glitter make up powder) on our cheeks. Before learning about fairies, I sprayed fairy spray (lavender air freshener) in the room. To teach them that fairies are not only pretty but kind, I read them the story, A Fairy Went a-Marketing by Rose Fyleman. I then read the poem A Fairy in a Jar by Margery Stockseth and they each drew a fairy in a jar. Here is Isabel's.


Since fairies like to play games the girls colored butterflies and played pin the butterfly to the flower. We then ate fairy cakes (pink cupcakes). Fairies love to dance, so each girl got a magic dancing wand and pranced around the backyard to music.