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Downtown Ducks

After a week of unpacking (and however many weeks before that of packing) we decided to get out and take advantage of living downtown!  Our neighborhood is right next to the zoo and the huge city park with ducks.  Tucson is my personal favorite city we've ever lived in and I hope we will live here for quite a while. With all "school work" being on hold during our move (with the exception of piano) Luke, Isabel, Sylvia and Hazel have been finding and creating things to invent and games to play.  They've also been wonderful at helping unpack, cook, and clean, all of which I count as school.

How to Draw a Profile...(or how NOT to)

How to draw someones profile... 1.  pin up sheet of paper. 2.  set up light. 3.  position person. 4.  trace.

Easy in theory, but...

...not so when you are using the wiggliest person in the world as your model.

I love how Luke is trying to hold Sylvia's face still while trace at the same time.

Luke then fired Sylvia and hired Isabel instead.  That wasn't much better since the wiggly model rebelled by covering the light.

In the end, Luke had me trace his profile so that he could draw a face on it.