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Family Field Trip on the City Bus

Friday morning we ate at Frank's.  Can't beat $1.75 breakfast!

Waiting for the city bus (or the "Sun Tran")

While waiting for the bus we saw this bus.

Pole dancing on the bus.

Don't ask.

Chasing birds in the park.

Did you know Tucson has a Trolley!?  That will be our next family field trip.

We walked around 4th street where there are many artsy, vintage, health, and book shops.  Also, twice a year they have the 4th street art fair here.

A little kokopelli family in the floor at the health food market.

Luke's favorite shop was this plant store where we got a lesson on carnivorous plants.  We learned about the ten foot corpse plant.   It eats a whole rabbit or a pig every 5 to 7 years.



How to Draw a Profile...(or how NOT to)

How to draw someones profile... 1.  pin up sheet of paper. 2.  set up light. 3.  position person. 4.  trace.

Easy in theory, but...

...not so when you are using the wiggliest person in the world as your model.

I love how Luke is trying to hold Sylvia's face still while trace at the same time.

Luke then fired Sylvia and hired Isabel instead.  That wasn't much better since the wiggly model rebelled by covering the light.

In the end, Luke had me trace his profile so that he could draw a face on it.

Homeschooling Watercolor Lesson

Luke said that "one day" he wants to paint some ACEOs.  He is always sketching cute, scary, or crazy little characters, it would be great if he had them all in ACEO form.  Today I showed him how (or at least how I do it.)  The girls joined in and it was so much fun to see all of their different styles.  I was especially impressed with Sylvia listening and following instructions. Sketching




Taping face


Here are their finished masterpieces!