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Homeschooling Watercolor Lesson

Luke said that "one day" he wants to paint some ACEOs.  He is always sketching cute, scary, or crazy little characters, it would be great if he had them all in ACEO form.  Today I showed him how (or at least how I do it.)  The girls joined in and it was so much fun to see all of their different styles.  I was especially impressed with Sylvia listening and following instructions. Sketching




Taping face


Here are their finished masterpieces!

What's Up Sugar Cup?!

Sugar Cup 2 SUGAR CUP I've still been working on my watercolors, but I realized that my art is becoming a large enough part of my life that I just might need a whole other blog. So check out my new blog, AND I've been busy getting prints of my paintings in my etsy shop, so check that out too!