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Downtown Ducks

After a week of unpacking (and however many weeks before that of packing) we decided to get out and take advantage of living downtown!  Our neighborhood is right next to the zoo and the huge city park with ducks.  Tucson is my personal favorite city we've ever lived in and I hope we will live here for quite a while. With all "school work" being on hold during our move (with the exception of piano) Luke, Isabel, Sylvia and Hazel have been finding and creating things to invent and games to play.  They've also been wonderful at helping unpack, cook, and clean, all of which I count as school.

Alexander the Great and Cross Dressing

This morning we watched a History Channel special that we got from Netflix: The True Story of Alexander the Great.  It was very long and definitely made for adults but it was still a very good visual and review.  Near the end of the show Luke, Isabel and Sylvia ran off and did some cross dressing...naturally.

We then went to the park.  The park was deserted and while I was reading my book on a blanket a couple of cops started walking across the field towards me.  My kids gathered around.  The cops said that they were concerned about my safety since they saw someone (me) over here on a blanket.  They left...weird.  A few hours later I found out from Sylvia that she had been over near the parking lot hiding in the trees when the cops pulled up.  They asked her something but she ignored them.  In her words, "I think they said some Spanish to me."  No wonder they came over to see if everything was alright, there was a crazy wild mute kid hiding in the trees.  Thanks Sylvia, I thought CPS had finally found me.