"We Must Meet Hate With Love." -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Last night we watched, If We Had No Moon. Pretty interesting. The whole time we were watching it I thought, Luke must be bored (Isabel had already fallen asleep) a lot of this stuff is probably over his head. After it was over he said he LOVED it. He is really into anything science. Today we made our poster that we will take with us to the Martin Luther King Jr. parade. I glued the Unity Wreath onto some poster board. Then at the bottom wrote "We must meet hate with love." -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The kids colored it, drew hearts, etc.

Luke and Isabel wrote in their journals. I especially liked what Luke wrote. His journal start was, "When I am eighteen years old, I will be..." He wrote, "preparing to be a missionary, building robots, studying hard, playing the piano and still making stories." So cute. Luke had a math test while Isabel started a new math lesson. Now Luke is reading and Isabel is listening to books on tape.