Tangible Proof

Everything that Luke and Isabel did today were very unschoolish. -They cleaned out the car. (Lesson on cleanliness AND that mommy gets angry if you leave all of your crap in the car!)

-They helped me make a chocolate pie. (Lesson on following Jello pudding directions. Also good hand eye coordination...seriously, it is easy to forget that we once had to learn how to stir.)

-They worked on their rough draft of the Superhero Comic Book they are making. (Lesson on writing, drawing, imagination, story problems, etc.)

-They rode their scooters outside (P.E., right?)

-Webkinz (okay okay, I know, not ALL of those games are educational.)

-Isabel read Bob Books to me.

-Isabel made a beaded bracelet (Lesson on patterns and more hand eye coordination.)

-Right now they are currently working on the Comic Book rough draft some more.

I know I will feel utterly guilty if I don't at least slip them a Math worksheet tonight. I don't know if I will ever get out of the worksheet-textbook-sit-down-school frame of mind. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with worksheets or sitting down for that matter (textbooks I am not sold on though.) Worksheets are such wonderful tangible proof to the teacher of the students work. Think about it, our car will get messy again, the chocolate pie is already half eaten and I am betting that in a few days the beads from the bracelet will be scattered all over the house. That is mostly why I/we (Joey too) write this blog. So that I can read this a year or years from now and say, "Hey, we DID do school."....tangible proof.