The Springs Preserve


Grandpa and Grandma Oldham came to visit.  If I don't have any handyman work for my dad to do he gets stir crazy and leaves early so this time I had a long list for him.  The first few days I had him painting, installing ceiling fans, towel racks, putting the crib together and more.  Thanks Dad!


Friday we went to The Springs Preserve.  It's really hard to explain what it is.  I think maybe it's purpose is to educate about our environment (in general and also more specifically our desert environment here) and to educate about saving and utilizing our natural resources.  There are a lot of fun things for the kids to explore and see, everything is landscaped perfectly with signs labeling the desert plants, and the buildings are beautiful.


They have an exchange store for kids.  If your child finds something in nature, for example, a leaf, a fossil, a nut, a dead bug etc., they can save it, look it up, write about it and turn it into the exchange store to get points.  With those points they can "buy" something else from the store that some other kid brought in.


Here is a picture of the flash flood room.  Before we experienced it my kids were scared, "Are we going to get wet?!"  They liked it afterward.



I love Sylvia steadying herself with grandpa's head.



I love the desert sky.


They had a Wolfgang Puck Cafe that we had lunch at.


View from the Cafe.


Saturday my parents babysat so that we could go to the Las Vegas LDS Temple to see our good friends, the Duropans, and their three children get sealed together as a family.