The first Day of Homeschooling/Unschooling.

Today went very well. I started by explaining things we can do each day, such as calendar, our spelling words (Luke and Isabel WANTED to have spelling lists and spelling tests) our reading apple tree (they put up an apple every time they finish a book) the Math curriculum that we will be starting next week, etc. They were so excited about everything that they kept talking, mostly completely off subject. Luke about his Zelda game, Isabel about her pierced ears and at first I thought, Oh no, it's going to be very frustrating trying to keep them on topic the whole time. But then I realized, Hey! I'm unschooling, so I can cater to them and get sidetracked! So when we were reading our daily Book of Mormon story, we were reading about how we got the Book of Mormon. Isabel (out of the blue) says, "I know who Satan is! He is evil!" This time I was ready to get sidetracked so I told her she was right and asked her if she knew who Satan's father is. That led to a whole Plan of Salvation discussion (very brief of course) but point is, she was listening to me because for some reason at that time that's what she was interested in.

Overall things went well today. Luke and Isabel were very receptive to the games, ideas, etc. I proposed, and, they even suggested some things that we ended up doing. We read the story, Eggshell Stew and then made Eggs in a Cradle for breakfast, we played a game with their spelling words, Isabel read her beginning reading books and Luke read a "Your Big Backyard" magazine for a while, I read the first chapter of The Chocolate Touch to them, we did a science experiment that Luke had found, We all did mazes, and Isabel practiced writing numbers with her worksheet.