Thoughts about starting to Homeschool/Unschool

Tomorrow is Luke's last day of first grade. I am planning to let him have a week off and then dive in. Well, I guess this week off before "diving in" will really be for me to be able to take a deep breath before I have to be constantly thinking like an unschooler. I guess I should introduce myself, I am Sabrina Vincent, wife of Joey Vincent, mother of Luke (7) Isabel (5) and Sylvia (Almost 2.) I grew up in Los Angeles county, after marrying Joey in 1999 lived for a few years in Salt Lake City and have now lived for three years in Las Vegas.

I say I will be unschooling my children although some might argue that I am not technically following the unschooling rules because I WILL be using curriculum for Math. So maybe I'm not, but I DO like the idea of letting the child learn about what they are interested in.

I have a lot of ideas of projects and activities we will be doing, library days, computer time, reading, crafts, a trip to the Hogle Zoo, to the Planetarium, Children's museum etc. But really I don't think I'll know what works or how things will go until we actually do them. So, this blog will be my journal entry to keep a record of the things we do each day. My next entry will be me diving in. Here I go taking my deep breath....