Park Day and Self Portraits! - Unschooling.

This morning the kids were up pretty early so we did calendar, Book of Mormon story, Isabel practiced writing her numbers while Luke wrote and illustrated a story about a tree that grew candy, we made up stories from the "Pot of Gold" that my mother gave me where you pick out a beginning of a story and then you need to finish it, and then Isabel did some reading while Luke played on By then it was only 9:30, so we headed for the park. We've got a great park here that has fun playground equipment as well as a water area where water shoots out of the ground. A few other moms (friends of mine) and their kids were there and everyone had a good time. For over two hours the kids played while us moms got our much needed social time with other adults.

Got home, had lunch and then once Sylvia was napping we got out the paints. I know poor Sylvia would have LOVED to paint with us, but for my sanity and for the safety of my furniture, clothes, etc, it was great to not have her do this particular activity. We looked up self portraits that famous artists have done.

We then painted large self portraits of ourselves. Now they are watching a show that Joey DVR ed for them called The Top Ten Stinkiest Animals in the World. They are enthralled.