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Luke and Isabel had an assignment from their "History of the World" class, to call one of their grandparents and interview them. What a great idea. I love how such a simple thing teaches them how we get history. (And of course teaches them about their grandparents.) When Luke was about to call his grandpa, he said, "I sure wish I had a Hedephone for this."

Last night we went to a luau at our church.  As soon as I told Isabel about it the night before, she was so excited and got out what she was going to wear.  She also told me that at the luau, she wanted to play the Hukilou song on her ukulele.  I feel so bad that I didn't think of this and plan a head.  But I am sure glad that Isabel thought of it and that our friend Shellie, who helped run the whole luau, was flexible enough to let Isabel play.  She did such a great job and everyone clapped like crazy when she finished!  Hooray Isabel!


Super Luke Advertisement

Aside from Isabel not understanding her math and not believing anything I tried to teach her about it (because she knows more than I do about everything) today was a great day. I assisted Isabel in making Easy Bake Oven shortbread cookies. I always feel like such a great mom after Easy Bake time because I really don't enjoy doing it and I know Isabel loves it. Luke worked on a Super Luke book, then made an advertisement by drawing a picture, scanning it, and coloring it in paint. Here it is. Doesn't it make you want to go out and purchase the latest Super Luke adventure?! Super Luke in Color

Isabel had her ukulele lesson and learned the beginning of the Beatles song, Something. When we got home she practiced in the middle of the living room and Sylvia and I threw coins in her case.


Luke found a praying mantis and played with it for most of the afternoon.


We also had a lot of friends over for some Slip n Slide fun and snacks after sucker school, oops, I mean public school got out. And I can't leave out Sylvia. She's been really getting into the princess dresses lately.