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Cemetery Saturday

Yesterday Joey and Luke went for a hike.  Later in the afternoon they went out and shot the BB gun.  Luke told Joey he was a "crack shot."

This cemetery is right near our house.

I have never seen a cemetery like this before.

Sylvia loved it there.

I love the colored rocks.

She loved these little benches.

I think Luke was pretty concerned when he saw how many young people had died.

Sylvia loved the headstones with the persons picture on it.  Here she is saying, "Mom, when you die I'll make your face on there with my new tools."

No really, Sylvia LOVED it there.  Isabel was at a birthday party at the time so we will have to go back on Monday.

Tucson is famous for it's sunsets.  Here is a view off our front patio.

Luke and Isabel can play Scrabble together and I LOVE it.