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Service Project for Kids

I am always on the lookout for service projects that get my kids involved.  As it turns out, soup kitchens and other service opportunities don't allow mischievous destructive toddlers...go figure.  Not saying Hazel is necessarily mischievous or destructive, just that I am pretty sure all two year olds are. Yesterday we were able to clean up the cemetery for a church service project.  It turned out to be a lot of fun and it was work that all of our kids were able to do.

You Can Eat My Mom's Children

One of our favorite places to go is the cemetery down the street from where we live.  We love how all of the graves are decorated and it is always so peaceful there.  The only sounds are birds, wind chimes and ghosts.

Whenever we visit, Luke is always very serious and solemn and very offended by the girl's lack of reverence.  He is either figuring out how old each person was when they died, or telling the girls to get off of the graves.

Sylvia likes to "fix" everyone's flowers and decorations.

Short Story:  Sylvia pets ceramic squirrel...

...holds it...

...a pet from Hazel turns into a grab then a headlock hold...

...ceramic friend gets taken away.

Sylvia says so many funny things I can never remember them all.  I made an effort throughout the day by writing them down on my arm...

"You can eat my mom's children!" "Don't joke me!" "My ankle hurts because my daddy is bye bye." "This pumpkin needs some gravity so it can stay alive." "Dad's gonna kill me if I don't go to Burger King!"

Cemetery Saturday

Yesterday Joey and Luke went for a hike.  Later in the afternoon they went out and shot the BB gun.  Luke told Joey he was a "crack shot."

This cemetery is right near our house.

I have never seen a cemetery like this before.

Sylvia loved it there.

I love the colored rocks.

She loved these little benches.

I think Luke was pretty concerned when he saw how many young people had died.

Sylvia loved the headstones with the persons picture on it.  Here she is saying, "Mom, when you die I'll make your face on there with my new tools."

No really, Sylvia LOVED it there.  Isabel was at a birthday party at the time so we will have to go back on Monday.

Tucson is famous for it's sunsets.  Here is a view off our front patio.

Luke and Isabel can play Scrabble together and I LOVE it.