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Story Time at the Library

We try to go to pre-school story time at the library every Thursday.  Luke brings his book to read out in the main area while us girls enjoy some stories, along with the "Bean Bag" dance and singing about shaking our "sillies" out.  I love Meg our story time teacher.  She keeps story time pretty routine to help the children feel comfortable and familiar with it, at the same time she adds new songs and activities to keep their interest. Also, every Friday afternoon our library has "Read to a Dog."  About three docile trained dogs are there waiting for children to read them a story.  Isabel loves it.

This week we tried out toddler story time.  Pretty much the same as pre-school story time, except a little simpler.

There is always a craft at the end.  (well, in this case, it was coloring a clown.)

The other cute two year old is Hazel's friend, Ellen!

When it's time to leave, we pick up our order of books and try to get out of there before Hazel can steal too many squirts from the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser.

Burnt Chex Mix

Yesterday we went to the library and also ran an errand that we had to do (okay, okay, so I wanted to use the sauna and free child care at the gym one more time before my week pass ran out.)  In the afternoon I read four library picture books to the kids and Isabel read two of her books to me. In the evening I had Joey take charge.  He had them do their math and writing.  Even though all Joey really did was tell them to do their work, I am sure the kid appreciated it coming from their dad and not from their mom, AGAIN.

Luke and Isabel then helped me make Chex Mix!  I had never made it before and it was kind of fun even though I burned it.  I am trying to be better at having Luke and Isabel (and Sylvia I guess) help me with cooking.  Joey is really good at letting them help.  He lets them crack the eggs and everything.

Low Expectations

Last night we finished our read a loud book, Three Tales of My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett, while making more Valentines. The three books in this series are, My Father's Dragon, Elmer and the Dragon and The Dragons of Blueland. This morning Luke and Isabel finished up some of their Valentine's. We then mailed off some cookies at the post office and made a stop at the library. Luke is very into mummies at the moment, so we got a ton of mummy books, books on digestion (for our science) some beginning reading books for Isabel and Choose Your Own Adventure books for Luke.

We had a picnic in the backyard today and read our "new" books outside. Luke and I then looked up a lot of info on the internet about the Iceman mummy Otzi, and a little about King Tutankhamun.

Knowing that we were going to run errands this morning I did NOT plan to do any school today. In the past when we had something else in the morning I would try afternoon school, it always ended up being a meltdown and disaster. Since my expectations were low, we did a GREAT job!

For my own sake and record, here are my recent favorite quotes from my children:

Luke: "I LOVE organizing!"

Isabel: "I know how the baby gets in the mommy's tummy! Heavenly Father puts it in there."

Sylvia: "You spank my BUTT!"

(okay, I am not a parent who believes in spanking, but I had just had it. Sylvia is constantly mean and sadistic to her older sister who is nothing but nice to her. I tried to make it a good lesson by apologizing to Sylvia afterward and then having her apologize to Isabel. I think Sylvia was more shocked than hurt.)