Burnt Chex Mix

Yesterday we went to the library and also ran an errand that we had to do (okay, okay, so I wanted to use the sauna and free child care at the gym one more time before my week pass ran out.)  In the afternoon I read four library picture books to the kids and Isabel read two of her books to me. In the evening I had Joey take charge.  He had them do their math and writing.  Even though all Joey really did was tell them to do their work, I am sure the kid appreciated it coming from their dad and not from their mom, AGAIN.

Luke and Isabel then helped me make Chex Mix!  I had never made it before and it was kind of fun even though I burned it.  I am trying to be better at having Luke and Isabel (and Sylvia I guess) help me with cooking.  Joey is really good at letting them help.  He lets them crack the eggs and everything.