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Las Vegas Kids Marathon

Joey had the brilliant idea to have reading charts for Luke and Isabel where the more pages they read the closer they get to the finish line.  At the end they get to pick a restaurant for our family to go out to.  I am not very crafty, so this is the best I came up with. 012

Yes, I named their charts, "Rainbow of Reading."  Sorry LeVar Burton, I totally ripped off the name of your PBS show.  Luke needs to read 10,000 pages and Isabel 1,000.  Her pages include me reading to her.

A friend told me about this Las Vegas Kids Marathon.  Running is probably the perfect sport for Luke (no contact) and Isabel will probably like it because she enjoyed watching the women's marathon on TV from the Olympics this year.  Twice a week they get together at the local elementary school with other kids, and a couple of teachers get them running (I assume.)  Then once a week they are supposed to do it at home and after 10 weeks they will have acrrued 26 miles. Today at 3:45 is their first class? session?  I think Luke and Isabel will gain a sense of accomplishment from this and have a lot of fun being with other kids.

Field Trip to Anderson's Dairy

anderson's dairy 001 Anderson's Dairy is located on the North end of Las Vegas. It is not a dairy in the sense that there are any cows there, but in the sense that they make the cottage cheese, ice cream, creamers, etc. and package it all there. There is a really great tour specifically for kids with cute (more like scary) animatronic barnyard animals that talk to the kids and tell them all about the "dairy."

At the end there is a little movie about the history of Las Vegas and Anderson's Dairy. (And judging by the hair and clothes was probably made in the early nineties, not that that matters.) At the end everyone gets a big bowl of cookies and cream ice cream.

We went with Kollen, her children, and her preschool kids that she teaches. The older kids, Aden, Luke, Morgan and Isabel, helped the preschool kids by holding their hands when we were walking in the parking lot etc. Everyone had a good time! It is a great kid friendly activity to do if you are in Las Vegas. You just need to call ahead to schedule a tour time. Here is the website for Anderson's Dairy.