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Dresses for Only 5 Dollars!!!

Just a few things going on here...Luke has brought in trash cans, taken cans out to the recycling bins, scrubbed toilets, vacuumed the carpet, read to his little sister, he even helped bathe his baby sister in order to complete this chart! This chart now completed is his ticket to getting a fish. I know that sounds boring, but a few months ago he saw a fabulous shark looking little catfish and has wanted it for his very own. He has worked so hard and certainly deserves the catfish with a neat little aquarium! chore chart Isabel has had so much fun playing "dress shop." She loves to pick out clothes and put them on her mannequin (the tomato cage), make signs and sort through accessories. This fun game and Sylvia's fun game of "packing to go to grandma and grandpa's" (throwing a lot of toys and junk on her bed) are such fun games for us to clean up afterward! 006 002 004 008 The other day Sylvia kept telling everyone they were a peach. "Luke, you're a peach!" Then she said to me, "Mom, you're PUFFETIC!"

Hooray Isabel!


Isabel read over one thousand pages!  To celebrate, Joey took her out to The Cracked Egg this morning for breakfast.  She let me know that she never wants to do a reading chart ever again.  She said that she doesn't like it when she HAS to read.  Hmmmmm.  That is fine that she didn't like the chart.  It was merely a try on my part to get her motivated to read.  She is a very good reader, but doesn't crave books the way Luke does.  If I could only find what genre she likes to read.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Some kind of nice and easy chapter books for girls?