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The Girls

With four females in the home, we usually take over, but with the boys gone for a few days we got to fully take over and do everything girly. Went for a ride on the carousel, then a little fun shopping at Claire's to buy some cheap jewelry. Watched Mulan together one night and after the girls were in bed I watched the romance, North and South (I love the romances where they don't kiss until they are engaged, or even steamy!)  Friday night the girls were in heaven at a cake decorating birthday party.  On Saturday, Isabel and I got to go with some girlfriends to watch the beautiful ballerina, Rebekah, dance. Our friend Julie bought all of the little girls a pair of Rebekah's autographed ballet slippers!DSC09201 DSC09219 I say "pose!" and Isabel smiles nicely. DSC09224 I say "pose!" and this is what Sylvia gives me. DSC09225 Isabel, Isabelle, and Allie DSC09230 DSC09231 Ben, Rebekah, Julie, Shellie, Chris, Lacey, Me, Liz, Allison and Gretchen DSC09238