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The Girls

With four females in the home, we usually take over, but with the boys gone for a few days we got to fully take over and do everything girly. Went for a ride on the carousel, then a little fun shopping at Claire's to buy some cheap jewelry. Watched Mulan together one night and after the girls were in bed I watched the romance, North and South (I love the romances where they don't kiss until they are engaged, or even steamy!)  Friday night the girls were in heaven at a cake decorating birthday party.  On Saturday, Isabel and I got to go with some girlfriends to watch the beautiful ballerina, Rebekah, dance. Our friend Julie bought all of the little girls a pair of Rebekah's autographed ballet slippers!DSC09201 DSC09219 I say "pose!" and Isabel smiles nicely. DSC09224 I say "pose!" and this is what Sylvia gives me. DSC09225 Isabel, Isabelle, and Allie DSC09230 DSC09231 Ben, Rebekah, Julie, Shellie, Chris, Lacey, Me, Liz, Allison and Gretchen DSC09238

Dance With Me Academy

Saturday was the Dance With Me Academy's dance recital. "Miss" Stephanie did such a wonderful job. I was so exhausted by the end of the day from just having two girls participate, I wonder how Stephanie felt with however many students she has in her six classes plus being in charge of the whole thing. She put the picture I made for her on the program...very cute if I do say so myself. program

Miss Stephanie having patience with Sylvia's class at the dress rehearsal.


Sylvia posing.


Does this picture help you imagine how difficult it was for me to put make up on this kid?


Isabel is in the oldest class and they did a cute sassy tap number.


Joey gave his girls tulips for doing such a great job!


Future Dance With Me Academy student?!


Isabel's Ballet Recital

Escorting Isabel backstage for her dance recital brought me back to when I used to be the young ballerina backstage waiting. Now I take my daughter backstage. Nothing (not even the birth of my children) has ever made me feel more like a grown up. The girls danced to "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth." Isabel was beautiful. The performance was at the old Las Vegas High School, now the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts. Afterward all Isabel could talk about was how much she liked performing on stage.


Following the recital, we were on our way to Del Taco, stopped at a stop light, when we hear Luke saying, "Hot Double You Nugs, Corn Dogs and Pizza." I didn't know what he was talking about until I looked over and saw this gas station sign: