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Art History Reports

Yesterday was a wrap up of Art History.  I am so impressed with Luke, Isabel, Ben, and Luke.  They know something about and can recognize paintings from these artists...

Vincent Van Gogh Leonardo da Vinci Jackson Pollock Mary Cassatt Edgar Degas Pablo Picasso M.C. Escher Norman Rockwell Gustav Klimt Andy Warhol Claude Monet Wassily Kandinsky Georgia O'Keeffe

I had them each write anything they can remember about their favorite artist and then write why they like that artist.  They then drew a picture depicting the subject or style of that artist.  Luke V. and Luke S. both liked M.C. Escher the best.  I am wondering if this M.C. Escher in Legos sold them on him.


Luke's report


Here is Luke's M.C. Escher style sketch.  I love how he has signed his name in all different directions so that you can't tell which way the picture is supposed to go.lukesartreportpic Isabel's report was on Georgia O'Keeffe. isabelsartreport Isabel's southwest landscape. isabelsartreportpic

Art History (Cassatt and Escher)

For Art History today we learned about Mary Cassatt and M.C. Escher. Although they did some amazing multiple view sketches, I love their "Mary Cassatt" pictures the best. Since Cassatt did beautiful paintings of mothers with children, I told my six cute students to create a colorful picture of their mother with them when they were a baby.

Luke and Mommy

luke and mommy

Isabel and Mommy

Isabel and mommy

What we learned today (May 20th)...

Mary Cassatt -1844 to 1926 - Pennsylvania -wealthy family -Impressionism (short brush strokes, bright colors) -painted in Paris, France -painted women with children -never had children of her own

M.C. Escher -1898 to 1972 -Netherlands -bad grades in school -graphic artist -sketches -symmetry -"mathematical art"

Next week we will learn about...

Edgar Degas and Norman Rockwell