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Camp Invention

Luke and Isabel loved going to Camp Invention this week. I wanted to put all of the pictures we took there and explain every single one of their projects but it really would be too much. The Camp Invention program helps kids learn and problem solve through imaginative play. This first picture is of Luke and his friends with their egg cracking invention.

029 This next picture is of "Sludge City" that the children saved from pollution, built water treatment facilities, and rebuilt. 052

They each got to bring a small appliance or electronics of some sort, take it apart and invent something.  Isabel took apart a cell phone and made it a "Bad Detector."  She explained that it is mostly for Sylvia.


Here is Isabel's advertisement for her Bad Detector.  I love it, she should be in marketing.  (I love her little "TM")


There was also something about them being stranded on planet Zak and the kids had to build shelters then figure out a way off the planet (I didn't really get it but whatever it was Luke and Isabel loved it.)  They also built roller coasters out of tubing that they tested with marbles, and created their own miniature amusement park rides.  Luke was telling me that his new friend really loves roller coasters and knows a lot about them.  I said, "When he grows up he should be a roller coaster designer!"  Luke helped me out, "You mean a roller coaster engineer mom?"  (I thought those were train drivers....KIDDING.)

Camp Invention

This week Luke is going to Camp Invention with four of his friends. They've been doing inventive, creative, science project, games, etc. He loves it although it is quite an adjustment for him to be gone for "so long." (It's from 8:30 to 3:00.) Actually it is quite an adjustment for me too. It is very difficult to get up "so early" and Luke's room is getting to be a mess because after his long day he needs downtime then there's dinner and bed and somewhere in there I forget or feel I don't have the heart or the time to get him to do his chores. Since Luke is having a great time with his friends at camp, I've been coordinating fun outings and get togethers for the girls. Yesterday Isabel went swimming with a friend and today we went to the ten o'clock free movie. So for this week, any kind of school for me is off. In fact we are pretty much off until August or September except for reading, at least some math to stay sharp, and anything else we want to do. Today was invent your own hat day for camp. Here are some pictures.


Isabel wanted to make a hat even though she doesn't go to camp. Joey helped them make their hats. What a good dad.


Aden and Luke

Quick Sylvia Story: Lost her in Babies R Us and finally found a security guard with a confused look on his face staring into a display crib. Yep, there she was under the covers happily shouting, "GOODNIGHT!" I need to keep that kid leash in my purse at all times.

Also:  Safety Nerd learned how to ride his bike yesterday!  yay!

Circus School

Driving on the main road around where we live there are signs that say Sandou Circus School and then a phone number. I used to laugh and make a comment to Joey that we are going to send our kids off to circus school. Very sarcastic because carnies = creepy...right? Last week I was able to experience the "O" Cirque du Soleil show and "Love" which is a Cirque du Soleil show as well. WOW. I am sending my kids to circus school. Not anytime soon because we can't afford anything right now especially not something as frivolous sounding as circus school, but they have summer camps that are a few hours a day for a week or two that I am going to start saving up for. Am I turning into one of those mothers that make their children live out their dreams for them? Yikes. But seriously, they might think it's fun and if they don't then they only have to spend a week or two trying it for their issue ridden mother.