Camp Invention

Luke and Isabel loved going to Camp Invention this week. I wanted to put all of the pictures we took there and explain every single one of their projects but it really would be too much. The Camp Invention program helps kids learn and problem solve through imaginative play. This first picture is of Luke and his friends with their egg cracking invention.

029 This next picture is of "Sludge City" that the children saved from pollution, built water treatment facilities, and rebuilt. 052

They each got to bring a small appliance or electronics of some sort, take it apart and invent something.  Isabel took apart a cell phone and made it a "Bad Detector."  She explained that it is mostly for Sylvia.


Here is Isabel's advertisement for her Bad Detector.  I love it, she should be in marketing.  (I love her little "TM")


There was also something about them being stranded on planet Zak and the kids had to build shelters then figure out a way off the planet (I didn't really get it but whatever it was Luke and Isabel loved it.)  They also built roller coasters out of tubing that they tested with marbles, and created their own miniature amusement park rides.  Luke was telling me that his new friend really loves roller coasters and knows a lot about them.  I said, "When he grows up he should be a roller coaster designer!"  Luke helped me out, "You mean a roller coaster engineer mom?"  (I thought those were train drivers....KIDDING.)