Super Luke and a New Helmet for Safety Nerd

Yesterday they worked a lot in their workbooks. One of the workbooks I bought for Isabel is a cursive workbook which is nice because I don't think I remember cursive enough for me to be able to teach her. Luke finally finished his Dinosaur bones. It was this great kit that my brother's fiance gave to Luke where he had to mix the cement in water then pour it into molds of dinosaur bones. Once they were dry he popped them out, painted them and glued them onto posterboard. This morning Isabel was riding her bike outside. I can tell that Isabel is on cloud nine whenever she accomplishes or learns something that makes her more independent. We can't get her to stop riding her bike now, whereas Luke hasn't ridden since he learned how. I am not disappointed or worried about him not being interested in riding his bike, I mean, there are activities that Luke loves to do that Isabel isn't into. I guess I just want him to ride his bike more because I am sure that if he gets comfortable with it, then he will love it, but what do I know? We did buy them new helmets which I thought might be an incentive for Safety Nerd, but he wears it when he rides his scooter (or when he isn't riding anything.)

Also today, Sylvia was playing with Playdough, and Luke and I made a Super Luke tab on the blog! Super Luke Stories are from his comics that he writes and draws in paper books that I staple together for him. We've only got one story typed in so far (Attack of the Robo-Chicken (one)) but don't you worry, Luke has a whole stack for me to type in. We tried to type it in as more of a play format, but it may be difficult to know what is going on in these stories without seeing the pictures (although sometimes the pictures don't help very much either.) hahaha.