Sick Day (sort of)

I have a cold so we didn't do much of anything.  Although at Costco yesterday I found great workbooks that they enjoyed working in for a while today.  Actually, I've barely even looked at them so I don't really know how great they are, just that my kids think that it is fun to do worksheets (like real school.)  On days where they have nothing to do, I notice that they are a lot more whiny.  I remember being a bored kid and asking my parents "what is there to do?"  As a mom now, I can't stand it when they ask me that, so, sorry mom and dad.  I always suggest to my kids that they can go clean something. Tonight Isabel learned how to ride her bike.  She probably would have learned sooner, but Joey vowed Safety Nerd was going to ride his bike before Joey started teaching Isabel.

After each of my useless pee in a cup appointments, my doctor always ends with saying, "Make sure you watch your weight there."  AND today Luke said to me, "I know how you can lose weight after the baby is born!  You can eat less calories and exercise."  Luke then suggested that I could exercise now, while I am pregnant.  Have you ever heard of such a crazy ridiculous notion in your life?  Can people just leave me and my fat butt alone!?