Outside School

This morning I was very busy with cleaning up throw up (don't ask) cleaning up yesterday's birthday cake mess (don't ask again) getting the kids breakfast, exercising, getting Ryan off to school, and finally, SHOWERING.  After my shower, the kids were so quiet and peaceful mindlessly watching cartoons I decided to use the "It's my birthday" excuse and get in bed and read my book. After cleaning up from lunch I knew it was time to get SOME school in.  I still didn't have much motivation, so I said, "Outside school today!"  I spread a blanket on the lawn in the shade and brought their journals, books, etc. out for them to do.  It was a nice change of scenery and while the kids worked on their writing and played, I kept reading my book.  I then read to them, an Amelia Bedelia book and some Where the Sidewalk Ends.  We then did Math.  Isabel started a new lesson today.  Addition + 8.