A Cowboy and The Silent Scream

This morning Ryan's bus didn't come so I took all four kids with me to MOPS.  For the mom's speaker, we had a financial planner.  It was very informative.  He told us that our goal should NOT be to pay off our homes.  He went into detail about why, but I was so elated with this new concept that I didn't hear or understand much else.  The kids had some Cowboy with his lasso come in and talk with them and do a few tricks. When we got home, my visiting teachers were there so we visited for a while while ALL of our kids played in the backyard (lot premium TOTALLY worth it) and afterward, my friend Krysti dropped off her daughter Kyleigh that is 6.  I took the five kids to McDonald's and me with "my" five kids attracted a lot of attention.  People were very friendly joking with me.  "ARE ALL THESE YOURS!?"  A friendly construction worker that we sat near taught all the kids the "Silent Scream."  Fists in the air, mouth open no sound.  The kids loved it.

Now, after playing outside for a while, they are watching Night at the Museum and eating popcorn.  Luke has piano at 4 and I may have them do either writing or math tonight, but not much else since Joey is going to take me out for sushi for my birthday that is tomorrow.  So I guess no real hard core school time, but it certainly has been a day full of fun experiences.