Can I buy a vowel?

On Saturday, I had another "phew, they ARE actually learning things!" moment.  Luke was drawing and writing Super Luke stories using the folded and stapled paper books I made for them.  I noticed that Isabel was writing in a book as well which was great because she usually isn't as excited to draw pictures and make up stories.  She showed me her book.  I was so excited because she had actually written a story with words (okay, more like "words") written in it!  She did a pretty good job on the spelling  although, Joey summed up her spelling style by saying, (not for her to hear of course) "Can I buy a vowel?"  Hahaha.  Her story was called, The Baby and the Princess.  It was SO cute. This morning they were busy again making up stories in their books.  I then read to them the two Shel Silverstein books, The Missing Piece and The Missing Piece Meets the Big O.  I had never read those before.  I am not sure what they were about.  I tried to relate the pieces to people and relationships, but then it got weird and so I ended up thinking that maybe I was taking it too deep.  Afterward I had them help me clean the schoolroom and gave them their spelling lists.  Some of the words I gave Isabel this week were words she used in her book she wrote.  I had them do their writing and journals, then Math.  Isabel then played a Math computer game.  Tonight Luke practiced piano and practiced riding his bike while I read to Isabel.  For family home evening we discussed the Word of Wisdom and health.  Afterward Joey made us a strawberry and banana smoothie and we watched an Animal Planet show together.