Egg Carton Game

Yesterday we created a game with an egg carton. here's what we did... -We had a huge egg carton that originally held 30 eggs. (you could do it with a regular egg carton as well.)

-Luke colored the inside of each compartment either orange, blue, or purple.

-Each child (Luke, Isabel, Ryan and Sylvia in this case) got three turns each to throw a bouncy ball into the egg carton.

-Point system was, blue = one point, purple = two points and orange = three points.

-Luke kept score with tally marks.

Last night Luke was writing his Super Luke 9 book, so today we got white paper, folded it over and stapled colored construction paper on the outside to make books. They wrote a lot of stories today. They also took their spelling tests, but that was pretty much it for school. It being Friday and having Ryan here, I was exhausted and our DVD player isn't working so I couldn't have them watch a Bill Nye AND our copy machine isn't working so I just said forget it to Math today as well.