Emo Kid

This morning I was last minute in charge of our 10:30 art class at the clubhouse.  I had the kids color a ghost or skeleton with white crayon onto black paper and then add googly eyes.  While they were busy, I read them a couple of Halloween books. After lunch I let Luke play his Zelda game.  At one point he got angry and was yelling at Isabel to stay away from the cord.  She then started screaming because Luke grabbed her and pinched her.  I just ignored them both, turned off Zelda and put on a Scholastic Halloween movie.  Luke sulked off and wrote this poem...

Nobody likes me.

Nobody cares.

Nobody asks me to be friends.

We used to play.

But now we're board.

Fun used to live.

But now fun's dead.

What a little emo kid!  I've been feeling pretty lazy this afternoon, so right now I am counting down the minutes until it is time to go to our friends house for dinner and then trick-or-treating.