Trading Math for Cookies

This morning we went to the library. In the car we listened to Shel Silverstein's A Light in the Attic poems. We got a BUNCH of stuff and like always, Sylvia managed to almost get us kicked out. When we got home, Luke and Isabel went through the loot. Luke is now reading Hatchet and another Magic Tree House book. After lunch, Luke wrote more about his story where there are tubes you crawls through with rats, spikes, and bombs in them. Gee, where do you think he got that idea from? Couldn't be his obsession with video games. Isabel did a lot of coloring in her coloring books today. She enjoys coloring things in neat and perfect whereas Luke enjoys plain white paper to create creatures on.

Isabel and I read her spelling book together. Ryan, Isabel and I made pumpkin cookies instead of doing Math since our copy machine isn't working (don't worry Joey, something minor, I just don't know what button to push.) This evening we received a Halloween package from Grandma and Grandpa Vincent with candy and coloring books in it. Isabel and Sylvia got right to work coloring pictures while I posed for Luke. He colored a portrait of me. It was so much fun watching him, so serious, every few seconds looking up at me from his paper. He has been coloring pictures lately that he wants to sell on the internet. Just like how his Uncle Justin does. See  I told him that in my blog I will post his pictures. So coming soon, Luke's pictures!!!