The Student Becomes the Teacher

A couple of friends I hadn't seen in a while were going to come over with bagels this morning so I put Luke in charge. I told Luke and Isabel that he was going to be the teacher and gave him a list of things they needed to get done. Math, Journals, Spelling, etc. Luke also volunteered to teach an aiming class. Because let's face it, who doesn't need a class in aiming? It was great! They got all of their work done while I enjoyed bagels and girl talk with my friends. In the afternoon when Sylvia was sleeping and Ryan was here, I got out the paints and paper and let them paint in the backyard. Luke then watched Man vs. Wild, I think Bear Grills is Luke's new hero (MINE TOO! kidding Joey.) Isabel played her computer Math game for a while. Then they all played outside for a long time while I read my book.

Next week we will be with my parents in California for most of the week and the next week we will be in Saint George, Utah with Joey's parents for the Thanksgiving weekend, so I told the kids that we will be on "Track Break" for two weeks. For the next two weeks my blog wont be so "daily" but I will be recording anything educational or interesting that we do or see for the next two weeks. What the kids don't know is that even though we wont be doing our Journals and Math workbooks everyday, we will still be doing school because let's face it, when AREN'T we all doing school?!