Monsters, Aliens, and Dough Bears

Before I was even showered Luke and Isabel were already doing school stuff on their own.  Luke was writing a story and Isabel was drawing a picture for each holiday and then folding her drawings to make cards.  The weather was nice so we headed out to a grassy area in our neighborhood just a few blocks away.  We sat on a blanket and had snacks while I read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing to them.  Luke and Isabel then made up and preformed plays for me.  I loved it how Luke was always the main character with a sword and Isabel was always one of the monsters or aliens he fought.  She was just happy to be included. When we got home I made some salty dough and we shaped Teddy Bears (Luke made a monkey) and baked them.  When they cooled we painted them with nail polish.  Isabel's friend Elise came over for a while and then later in the afternoon Luke's friend Aden and his sister, Isabel's friend, Morgan, came over and played.