Two crafts in one day....phew!

We got the hard work out of the way first this morning. They both had a Math test to do, then spelling words and drawing/writing about the setting of our stories. I read to them an informative picture book about fireflies. We then made our own fireflies by poking a hole in the top and bottom of an egg and blowing out the center.  We drew a face on the top half and painted the bottom half with glow-in-the-dark paint.  We then cut and glued some wings on.

After that they were begging for another craft, so I read them The Littlest Mermaid. We then drew an under sea picture with crayons and painted over our picture with watery blue paint. The crayon drawings showed through the paint of course and Luke and Isabel thought that was great. I think part of the reason why I don't like crafts is that Sylvia is into EVERYTHING we are, which is cute and good learning for her, just more work and messes for me. I did let her do painting and she was happy.

I picked up three craft books from the library yesterday and the one that I am finding the most ideas out of is 60 Super Simple Crafts by Holly Herbert. They are truly simple and most supplies I already have around the house or are very cheap and easy to get.