The Big Squeeze!

At breakfast Luke said he wanted to exercise today.  Got our exercise clothes on, our jump ropes and weights (water bottles for the kids) and at 8:30 this morning we were out in the backyard doing circuit training.  One station was throwing a ball up and catching it, one station was for sit ups, one, lunges, etc.  They loved running to the next station when I yelled, "TIME!"  Sylvia was clinging and crying, so I had to carry her around while I did my exercises (she makes a good weight.)  Luke enjoyed leading us in some exercises, which gave me the idea that next P.E. time we should do follow the leader. I then let them snack on orange slices and pears while I showered.  We then watched "The Big Squeeze!"  An Animal Planet special about pythons.  I am now paranoid a python is going to eat Sylvia.  We shall see if Luke and Isabel have nightmares tonight.

At the kitchen table they did their Math worksheets and spelling lists.  Luke wrote in his journal while I played word games (rhyming and opposites) with Isabel.  I had an art/craft project in mind but I guess we will try that out tomorrow.  Maybe we will plant our little plant we bought from the dollar store into a pot tonight.  Time to clean up and make dinner.