Map of Australia?

Last night we went to cub scouts for the pinewood derby. I let Luke do as much of his car as he could and he did such a good job! (That's not the number seventy five on the front of the car, it's "SL" for Super Luke of course.)011

No, this is not a map of Australia.  It's just a little sample of Sylvia's new artistic creations on the walls.  Not markers on the wall anymore (well actually there is still THAT) now it's pasting construction paper on the walls!  Wow, what a talented kid!  (For those of you with out a "Sylvia" at home, judge all you want but know that the more you judge me for "not watching my child well enough" the more chance you will have of getting a Sylvia when you have kids.)


Erin, you are right, that was pretty sad that I didn't have a picture of Hazel.  She was sick most of the trip but even a sick Hazel is a better behaved baby than any of the other babies I've ever had.

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