Art History Lesson: Leonardo Da Vinci and Jackson Pollock

We had so much fun today learning about Leonardo Da Vinci and Jackson Pollock.  I had a load of books with a ton of pictures, which was great.  I love how there are always fabulous biographies for kids. 019

Jackson Pollock had a few nicknames, "Jack the Dripper" "Action Jackson" Luke made up a new one, "Jack Splat."


I am very sure this is Sylvia Heaven.


What cute artists.


"Colorful Rainbow River Dots" by Mason, Kyla, Ben, Zack, Luke, Isabel and Sylvia


What we learned today May 13th

Leonardo Da Vinci -1452 to 1519 -Italy -mathematician -inventor -painter -sculptor -architect -botanist -musician -writer -The Last Supper -Mona Lisa -Vitruvian Man

Jackson Pollock -1912 to 1956 -Wyoming -"Jack the Dripper" -abstract -modern art -painted from feeling -drip painting -used sand -used different tools -numbered his paintings

Next week we will learn about... M.C. Escher and Mary Cassatt