Library day - homeschooling/unschooling

This morning we went to the library. It was so wonderful because I had already gone online and put books on hold so we were able to enjoy being at the library and then grab our reserved books at the front desk and leave. Luke was excited to find Sonic the Hedgehog comic books. Sylvia got me in trouble with the security guard twice (nothing new there.) We came home and had lunch and then I let the three of them watch a Dr. Seuss cartoon from the library while I made some phone calls. We did our normal, Calendar then BOM story. I then gave them a spelling worksheet I had made up to help Luke know the meaning of his words and for Isabel to practice writing hers. I read The Night of the Fireflies by Karen B. Winnick to them. I then had them cut out pictures from magazines and paste them either onto their "Things I like" or "Things I don't like" pages while I read our new read aloud book, The Littles by John Peterson.

Isabel and I then beaded bracelets for our craft. She LOVES that kind of stuff. Right now Luke is playing his Zelda game and afterward I'll have them do a math worksheet.  By then it will be time for Isabel's ballet class.