Science - homeschooling/unschooling

My favorite part of today was doing the science experiment with the kids. We had water (I put in two drops of blue food coloring just so they could see the water clearly) in a measuring cup up to the 3 cup mark and a lot of different size containers. The question was, Why don't we measure liquid with inches or a ruler? I then let them pour the water back and forth into the different containers (narrow and tall, wide and short, etc) and they saw the answer. We also did "word games" today where I named five different words and asked them which one doesn't belong. Example, nose, corn, toe, ear eye.  They thought those were fun.  at eleven, we had to hurry off to a doctor's appointment and we used all the waiting time for our reading time.  Luke read his Diary of a Wimpy Kid book while I read some Amelia Bedilia to Isabel.  After the doctors and lunch, we got some math done and then cleaned up the schoolroom for their friends, Aidan and Morgan, to come over and play.

Tonight Joey watched the kids while I went and got my hair cut and ran some errands I needed to get done WITHOUT the kids.  Very therapeutic.   While I was gone Joey took a little cute movie of poor sleepy Sylvia.