It's Been Two Weeks! - homeschooling/unschooling

This morning was Isabel's dance class, so while she was there, Luke did piano practice and then played his allotted 45 minutes of Game Cube while Sylvia watched him and I got some phone calls and cleaning done. After picking Isabel up we had snacks and then School. Today we did a LOT! Calendar, BOM story, we had the formal spelling test, Isabel practiced her lowercase letters while Luke wrote in is daily journal. We then had lunch and did a lot of jump roping in the backyard. Afterward, Luke made a large poster of Link (Zelda character) to hang up in their "Secret Club" (the upstairs bathroom) while Isabel made us "cookies" out of Playdough. We then had Math and they both did two worksheets. I then read "The Chocolate Touch" to them and now we are all in my bed, Isabel doing a puzzle, Luke reading his book, "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker."

So it has been two weeks now of homeschooling. So far it has been a lot of fun and in a way even easy. The main thing I think that makes it "easy" is that they are so motivated about learning. I haven't yet had to force them to do anything. If I get the vibe that they are not excited about doing one activity, I suggest something else until I find one they jump at. The two main gifts I want to teach my children are, to always be motivated and interested in learning, and to know how to learn and find out about things on their own.