A class in Aiming! - homeschooling/unschooling.

Luke had a dentist appointment this morning and afterward we went to get a few "labor day" things at the grocery store. By the time we got home, ate lunch and cleaned up, it was already after noon. It was kind of nice because that way I had Sylvia taking her nap, but at the same time, Isabel can be a little tired in the afternoon. We did our usual, Calendar, BOM story and then looked up what a Casaba Melon is (we bought one at the store.) We then played a game by sitting in a circle each of us holding a beanbag.  We chanted, "Beanbags beanbags are so fun, it's pretty tricky but we're not done!" While passing the three beanbags to each other around in a circle. We would then have to switch directions. Going clockwise was especially difficult for them and Luke and I were laughing at how silly we all were. Isabel then cried and said she didn't want to play anymore. She got her feelings hurt and felt bad that she wasn't doing it perfectly.  I had to explain to her that we were ALL silly messing up and that is why the game is so much fun. I convinced her to do one more round and I think she felt better after that.

I then had Luke and Isabel put all of our play kitchen items into categories. They first categorized them into, fruits, vegetables, cans/boxes/bottles, dishes/pots/utensils and other. The next categories where colors.

We then did Math.  (I HAVE to do Math individually with them.  A few days ago I tried helping them at the same time and I almost went crazy.)  Isabel colored in her "About Me" book while Luke and I watched his five minute Math lesson about estimating and then he did a worksheet on it.  I then helped Isabel do two worksheets on place value.  So far I really like the Math U See curriculum.

Luke then taught us an aiming class.  He drew a monster on a piece of paper, gave us rubberbands and then had us aim for the monster's one eye.  Such a clever idea he had...(so cute.)