Imagination Station and Mystery Bag - homeshcooling/unschooling.

We started out with Calendar and BOM story, then we did "Imagination Station." Pretend you are walking on hot sand. Pretend you are eating a sour lemon. Pretend you are scared, etc. I participated as well which I felt very silly doing, but my kids are young enough that they are not embarrassed of me YET. Sylvia especially had a good time. We then got out the "Mystery Bag!!!" A brown sad crumpled paper lunch sack with random items inside, paper clip, penny, straw, plastic spoon, etc. I had them reach inside, feel an item without looking and then draw it.

We then did our birthday cards for all of the September birthdays of family members and friends that we know. I have a stack of 48 cent WalMart birthday cards Luke and Isabel signed and added drawings in. By the end, Isabel said she was tired and went to her bed and fell asleep.  Luke and I then had a Tic-Tac-Toe tournament...he's the champion.

My friend Jamie and her daughter, Elise, Isabel's friend, came over for lunch which was fun except that Isabel had a fever so I gave her some medicine and put her back in bed.

Luke and I then did P.E. We threw a ball back and forth in all different ways we could think of, high up in the air (Luke named that one "forehead") strait across "line" bouncing once on the ground "beak" and dribbling to each other "zig zag." We then were jump roping when the sprinklers came on and sprayed Luke.

Isabel is now on the couch watching a movie and Luke has joined her. I would like Luke to do at least one Math worksheet today, but maybe I should just relax and be happy with all that we did get done.