Homeschool worries and S.D.F.S.S.

I had sit-down-formal-school-stuff (S.D.F.S.S.) planned, but this morning Isabel was busy building with Legos and Luke was busy as a bee catching bees (little joke there) so I decided that if I were a true UNschooler, I should just let them. While we were studying the bees that Luke caught, I read to them about bees (another thank goodness for the internet moment.)  I also showed them pictures of man made beehives and honeycombs etc. Coincidentally, the Billy Nye the Science Guy that we watched today about populations had beehives on it! Isabel got her Math, Spelling and Reading done early while Luke was out studying plants, building Legos etc. Once again, I really should have just let him be. He is very self motivated and all of the activities he was doing today were learning and great, but I couldn't help myself and I made him a little list consisting of, Take 5 Journal, Math, piano practice, Spelling, and Reading and told him that he just needed to get those things done sometime before his dad gets home tonight.

Right now Isabel is asleep on the couch (Kindergarten nap time!) and Luke is finishing up the last thing on his list, practice piano. It is so difficult to shake the feeling that if I don't have them do their S.D.F.S.S. then they aren't learning. Which is completely not true. Also, Luke and Isabel finish their S.D.F.S.S. so quickly (one to three hours tops) that I worry they aren't learning enough. Once again, completely not true.