Another day.

This morning, Luke and Isabel watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy about Mammals while I got my disorganized self together.  At 10:30 we went to the classroom at the clubhouse and Hisu taught another Art class.  They each had a picture of a peacock and colored it using all different colors.  Then tore out bits of colored paper from magazines and glued them to make the tail. After lunch I had Isabel in my room listening and looking at books on tape while I gave Luke a new composition book and a worksheet called Take Five!  It is three pages of, List five things you could do if you were invisible, List five things that can fly, List five compound words, etc.  So every day he will make a list, date it, and check off the one that he did.  Isabel's ear was hurting so while I was busy with that, Luke listened to a book on tape and then read his Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator book.  A friend then came over and visited.

We didn't get as much done as I wanted, but by the sound of their whining downstairs, I think we are through for the day.