Art with Ivory Soap and Coffee Filters

This morning I read two BOM stories to Luke and Isabel. They then did their Math and watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy on Flowers. My friend dropped her 2 year old off and we all went to our art class in the school room at the clubhouse. Kollen, Monica, Hisu and their children were there. I was in charge today, so I had the older children use a nail to chisel a picture, design, or words into a bar of Ivory soap. They then used water colors to paint in their creations. The little babies got to color with marker onto coffee filters. We then sprayed water on them and watched as the markers blended together and created a tie die appearance. By twisting a colorful pipe cleaner around the middle of the coffee filter they created a butterfly!

They played on the playground and we read a story. Kollen and I switched kids so that Luke and Aden could play together at her home and I had Isabel and Morgan. Everyone is switched back to their rightful place now and Isabel and Luke are watching a movie while Sylvia naps and I clean (and write this of course.) Luke still needs to practice piano, Isabel has dance class, and I need to read a bee book to them, since that is the bug of the week.