Girl Party!

A few girlfriends and I took our little girls to the beauty school to get manicures.  Can you just imagine them 60 years from now gossiping at the beauty parlor!?




Hazel did NOT get pretty nails but...

...she got CANDY!

The girls have been watching all of the Dalmation cartoons like crazy lately.  Here is Sylvia's fantastic drawing of guess what...dalmations!

While driving home from Sylvia's preschool, she said, "MOM, I haven't said the word 'thumbs' for a long time!" So being the good mom that I am, I told her that she better start saying "thumbs" a lot right now to make up for lost time!  So the whole way home I got to hear her say, "Thumbs thumbs thumbs THUMBS!"  Or actually, "FUMBS" as she says it.