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Bonny Bride...?

Today (in the afternoon when I knew we weren't going anywhere) I let Sylvia pick out my outfit.  Of course she picked my wedding dress, the hugest earrings I have and my birdie necklace.  She chose the hairstyle and lipstick too.  Sylvia was the photographer as well.

Here is the bonny bride talking on her cell phone trying to get new renters in the LV house.

Here the blushing bride is watching her kids swim.

Bridal texting.

Summer Piano Recital

Tonight Luke and Isabel performed in a piano recital for the summer students.  Since there aren't as many students in the summer, it was more casual.  They each played a couple of songs and then played a duet together.

In the summertime, we still have our children do their math, piano lessons, history, or whatever else we are into.  It sounds like I am a cruel task master, but seriously, we play so much that we have to be doing school all year round!

A more entertaining picture from tonight would have been Sylvia in her pink tutu at the recital trying with all her might to not chase after the dogs, hide under the piano or spin on the stool (of course the devil on her shoulder won on all three accounts).  Unfortunately, I was so in the moment just trying to get her to not be a distraction that I didn't think to snap a picture.

Summer School!

Luke, Isabel and even Sylvia have had a lot of fun going to summer school.  Isabel has taken the classes, School Yard Games, Raggedy Quilt Sewing, Comic Book Character Creations, and here she is with something she made from her Edible Art class.

Luke took, School Yard Games, Design Your Own Video Game, Comic Book Character Creations and here he is with his homemade Silly Putty from his Not Your Normal Science Class.

Sylvia has LOVED loved loved her Preschool class.

Helping Miss Cynthia with the pinata.

Every time we walk by this classroom, Hazel longs for those baby dolls :(