For Family Home Evening last Monday night we talked about compliments.  The other day we were in Target and Isabel pointed out a checker with a flower in her hair.  Isabel said, "I think her flower is really pretty."  I agreed as I pushed our cart on towards the exit.  I then stopped and said, "Do you want to tell her that?!"  Isabel said yes (if I were to come with her of course.) So we walked back to where the checker was, I held Isabel's hand and we waited for a moment while she helped some customers.  Once we had her attention I told her that Isabel wanted to tell her something.  Isabel then said, "I like your flower!"  and the checker of course was very sweet and said, "Thank you, I like your bow in your hair!"  As inconvenient and weird as this seemed to me at the time, going very much out of our way to pay a stranger a compliment, I am so glad that I thought to encourage Isabel. We are so proud of Luke!  Last Saturday he completed his Gamma Math book.  I know he was very frustrated and discouraged at times, but he worked hard and has now confidently defeated GAMMA!  We gave him options on how he could celebrate, go to a movie, out to eat, etc.  He chose to have unlimited video game playing time for the whole day, chicken tacos and homemade Oreo ice cream for dinner and a Mario Kart family tournament.  They then watched Peter Pan and fell asleep in the livingroom.

Just so you know, according to Sylvia, cactus is pronounced cah-cuh-dus.  Plural is cah-cuh-dus-es.